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Sculptures at JP Open StudiosWho is eligible to Participate for JP Open Studios?

Any artist who creates their own original work may apply to be included on our map and in our online artist directory.

How do I register for JP Open Studios?

Artist registration for this year's Jamaica Plain Open Studios is rapidly approaching.  In-person registration is on May 24, 2017.  Registration fees remain the same as last year. To be listed in the JPOS map booklet, artists must complete the registration process by midnight June 25, 2017.  All artists should be prepared to enter their medium and upload an image on the JPOS web site once registration is completed.



We will be holding group site registration in-person on Wednesday, May 24, from 7pm - 8 pm at The Footlight Club, 7a Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

Available group site locations are:

First UU Church - inside and outside

The Brewery - outside

Please be prepared to select your ideal location and provide your registration payment (payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card).  Locations will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  If you are unable to attend in-person, you may send a proxy to select your space or you may mail your registration to JPOS, P.O. Box 300222, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (ALL registrations that are mailed in will be recorded after the May 24th in-person site selection is completed). In person registrants can register themselves and one other artist only.


Individual Studio, Shared Studios, and Private Shared Site:

Artists showing in either an individual studio, shared studio, or private shared site may register beginning on May 24, 2017 in-person or by mail.


Individual Studio, Shared Studios, and Private Shared Site Registration:

Artists showing their work in either an individual studio, shared studio, or private shared site may register beginning on May 24, 2017 either by mail or on-line.


View from the Eliot School, by Danielle ShamlianWhere can I show, if I don't have a studio?

You can either share a studio space with a local artist is is willing to host additional artists or apply for space in one of our group sites. A little about the hosting artists deal: If 3 or more artists share a space together, it will be considered as a Hosted Site and may be eligible for a discount after registration.

IMPORTANT: Our Group site space is available on a first come first served basis. When they are full, they are full and, to be fair to the other artists and the donated space, we do not add more artists to the space.

Specific artist locations within the Group Site will be assigned at the Site's Artist Meeting through a process of randomly choosing location numbers. The meeting will be set up by the site's coordinator, after registration has begun. Artists in attendance at the meeting may trade location numbers during the meeting.  Artists unable to attend the Site's Artist meeting will have his/her location number chosen at the end by the Group Site Coordinator.

Why can't I register at [insert site here] group site?

There are many spaces, such as the Footlight Club and Loring Greenough House, that are private spaces and are not open to everyone registering for JPOS. They are not official JPOS group sites and set their own policy of who can participate at that site.

To show at one of those sites, please contact the location or hosting artist and find out their criteria.

How do I register for a private or hosted site?

First, get permission from the hosting artist or site. Find out their criteria and rules, too.

Then, register as an individual artist or studio on our home page.

Put in your mailing address in the personal information section. Put the location address in the studio information section (you may need to log in after you complete the payment process to put this in).

The contact the hosting artist to let them know you have completed the registration and ask them if they need any help setting up. ;-)

What are the fees to participate as an artist in JPOS 2017?

Individual site registration, which is open to artists showing in their own spaces or in a shared space OTHER THAN our JPOS group sites, is $110 (discounted to $90 for those with a JP connection) and includes listing on the site with up to 10 images.

Group site registration for one of our JPOS group sites are $200 (discounted to $150 for those with a JP connection) and includes the listing on the site with up to 10 images.

JPOS by Charlie RosenbergCan I share my space/fees with a friend? And can we both be listed in the map/online directory?

No. If you are individual artists showing in a JPOS Group Site, we need each of you to be registered separately so that the space is fairly distributed. Also, we do not want to overload our site coordinators, who are volunteers or our sites, which are also volunteered to us.

Also, if you are in a private studio or hosted studio, unofficial sharing, hosting, or splitting of fees is not fair to the other artists who have paid for their registration and for their spot in our directories.

One registration means one artist name in the listing.

The exception to the rule: If you are listing yourself as a collaborative or as a gallery, you may have more than one artist showing work. However, it will be listed as "The Collaborative/Gallery Name" in our directory.

What are the Official JPOpenStudios Refund Policies?

So, you signed up for the show and have been diligently working to get your art ready. And, then... life happened and you had to make other arrangements. We understand. Really, we do! And we try to be as fair and as accomodating as possible.

If you have to back out, for whatever reason, we will give you a full refund. But, ONLY if you let us know within 30 days of your actual registration date.

The close of regular registration is a published date on our calendar. It also marks the date when we begin to put the official map together and everyone is written in... well, it's not stone, but we still can't make changes easily.

Unfortunately, 30 days after you register, refunds are closed as well.

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