Group Site Policies

Any artist who is participating in one of our official group sites will be subject to the following policies. By agreeing to participate, you are agreeing to these policies and to the Artist Manifesto.

Important Group Site Policies

Rain Plans: The event is "Rain or Shine". Artists in outdoor sites need to provide their own tents or have alternative plans, in case of inclement weather. Because all of our group site spaces are graciously provided by members of our community, alternative bad weather space is NOT provided by the JPOS or JPAC. Official JPOS Indoor group sites are already full and are NOT a back up plan. Get a tent, contact a friend with an indoor space, watch the weather and plan accordingly.

Location Assignments at Group Sites: Specific artist locations within the Group Site will be assigned at the Site's Artist Meeting through a process of randomly choosing location numbers. Artists in attendance at the meeting may trade location numbers during the meeting. Artists unable to attend the Site's Artist meeting will have his/her location number assigned by the Group Site Coordinator. Find out from your site coordinator when your meeting is scheduled.

Group Site Spaces are broken into 4 categories during registration. Not all sites have all types of space. Make sure that you choose the type of display space that works for your work.

Tent space - For outdoor spaces only. Bring your own tent or borrow from someone you know. We do not provide tents. Outdoor spaces in our group sites are 10' x 10' only. Tents must be properly weighted and considered safe by the site coordinator. For the safety of you, your fellow artists and our art lovin' public, use sandbags, cinderblocks or other weights to keep your tent on the ground. No unweighted tents are permitted.

Wall space - This is for hanging artists only. If you need a table, this is NOT for you.

Table space - generally good for small works and 3-d works. Artists bring their own table.

Panel Space - An 8 foot tall by 4 foot wide vertical panel. Panels are provided. NO TABLE provided.

Also, if you reserve a space at a group site during registration, it is assumed you wanted a space at that site. We cannot change your site after registration. Choose carefully! I hate to say it again, but we are not responsible for moving you, from wall to table or outside to inside, after you complete your registration.

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