Shared Studio Spaces

More Open Studios!If you are an artist who plans to show in your home or studio, please consider inviting other artists to show with you. Share your porch, your dining room, your garage and your marketing efforts!

By forming your own group site, you are building a destination for art lovers to target and go visit. The really successful shared studios have planned things like Friday night preview parties, group mailings and similar marketing methods. Make your studio a destination!

As an added incentive, when you share your studio or home, you'll save on registration fees:

Share your studio with 2 additional registered artists, hosting gets 25% rebate of the Participating Artist fee.

Share your studio with 3 -6 additional registered artists, hosting gets 50% rebate of Participating Artist fee.

Share your space with more than 6 registered artists? Contact us!

Sharing Space and Hosting Artists







All Important Terms and Conditions:

  • All of the artists who are participating will need to register as individual artists in order for the hosting artist to receive their rebate.
  • Please let us know if you are hosting multiple artists PRIOR to the event dates! If we can't check it, you don't get it. Sorry!
  • Rebates are sent out after the event, if the situation is confirmed by one of our coordinators.
  • Hosting artists are eligible for a rebate of 25% of their registration fee if 2 additional artists are registered as individual artists at that site.
  • Hosting artists are eligible for a rebate of 50% of their registration fee if 3-6 additional artists are registered, as individual artists, at that site.
  • If more than 7 artists are registered at a site that is not an official listed JP Arts Council group site, the JPAC may designate it a group site and the Hosting Artist will become the site coordinator, with the benefits and responsibilities of a Group Site Coordinator.
  • Rebate calculations do not include any additional fees, such as portfolio upgrades.
  • The JPOS Coordinator must be notified by the Hosting Artist no later than 5pm on the Friday before the event.
  • Rebates are sent out in October.

Since JPOS is spread out over a large geographic area, we encourage artists to show together and share studio space during Open Studios to increase the concentration of artists in an area, and to entice the public to visit.

Artists are welcome to coordinate this on their own, or indicate your interest to us and we try to help coordinate.

Shared Studios: Talk to our coordinator and post that you are looking for artists on our Facebook Page!

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